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Hey everyone, welcome to what will (hopefully) eventually become the home of a fanfic/comic (still deciding on which) that I've been planning for ever such a long time:


Okay, first things first... Whilst it may be obvious...

1. What is "Sonic Babies"?

It's hopefully going to become a series of fan-comics (or fanfictions... or both. Depends on what you guys want.) about the cast of "Sonic the Hedgehog" as little infants.

A lot of people say that a series "jumps the shark" as soon as they have a spinoff that involves the cast as being younger than they are, due to plot-holes and the likes... Hopefully, as a fan-project, this series will be exempt from this assumption and will be taken for what it is: a light-hearted endeavour of the innocence and crazy antics of childhood that cannot be immitated with the cast at their original ages.

I admit that "Sonic Babies" will NOT be an accurate depiction of the cast as they were when they were babies, or their backstories. I don't know them, only the creators do. Even the age differences are wrong, because I wanted to be able to fit in all of the characters (I actually converted their age in years to months for the sake of proportion ^^; For example, 15-year-old Sonic is now 15 MONTHS old (1 year 3 months)). And yes, I DO know that Shadow was 'born' with the physical appearance he has now and was never a 'baby'. My intention is to portray the cast AS IF THEY WERE babies, rather than WHEN THEY WERE BABIES... if you know what I mean. ^^;


...Because I love Sonic... And I actually love spinoffs where the characters are younger than they are. "Muppet Babies", "Baby Looney Tunes"... I find them all adorable, and I really wanted to emulate that.

There's people who can (and do) a far better job at this than I could, :iconr55:'s rendition of "Sonic Babies", or :iconvaporotem:'s rendition of "Sonic Kids", for example, are cute (read them!), but I have far too much passion, and far too many ideas to let them just waste away. Being honest, I've had some kind of idea for YEARS now, but now I think they're developed enough to put to good use.

3. Which brand of Sonic will this be based off?

"Sonic Babies" will be based off what most people would call "SEGASonic Canon". Essentially, the videogames. I really don't know enough about Archie/SatAM/Sonic Underground or their characters to base it off of them...

However! I will use some of the characters from these series as props of sorts... Perhaps Princess Sally Dolls are like the 'Barbie' of "Sonic Babies" world, and Princess Sonia Dolls are like 'Cindy' (or whatever her name was).

There may be one plot involving Cosmo (a Sonic X character)... I've actually seen Sonic X, so I can do this... Don't worry, it'll just be for the one plot, and that's all. Generally, it will be following the videogames.

4. Will newer characters appear?

Love it or hate it, the Sonic cast is constantly expanding!

But yes, newer characters WILL appear. Depending on their prominence in the actual series will determine how often they appear in "Sonic Babies". i.e. Silver is more prominent of a character (I think he may even become a main one!) then, say... Marine.

As for characters like Shade (Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood)... Probably so, but certainly not until I've played the game and got to know her. Personification is very important to me.

5. Will older characters appear?

What about the older, more forgotten characters?

Well... They can have cameos or interaction with the main cast depending on how much is known about them. As I said... Personification is important to me, so even the characters we don't know much about, I want to get 'right' (or as right as possible, considering I'm "kiddifying" their personalities).

...As such, someone like Nack the Weasle is much more likely to appear than Mach the Rabbit.

6. Who are the main cast?

The main cast are who I percieve to be the main cast of the actual Sonic series... Sort of:

Eggman (or... Eggboy... Whatever you wanna call him. He's a kid in this)

* I know Maria isn't a main Sonic character... She's in, partially for the sake of Shadow's character (yes, I do have a plot in mind), and partially for the sake of her being the "Suzy" to little Eggman's "Angelica"-ness. She's not the babysitter, she's also a kid.

** I'm not sure if they're classed as main characters now, but I certainly believe that they're becoming it. These two aren't in "Sonic Babies" from the beginning, however, they'll appear later (yes, plot idea again), and then stay on as main characters.

7. Are all ideas set in stone, or can they be influenced?

Certainly the latter.

There are SOME ideas and 'plotlines' that I have had a strong image of for a long time, and so I'll probably be using them (not giving too much away now - it hasn't even started yet! :XD:)...

But I'm always open to ideas and suggestions! I'd love to hear them, if you have any. Remember, although I have a passion for this, my overall goal here is to please you guys - otherwise I could have just kept it to myself. If you have anything you want to see in "Sonic Babies", please tell me and I'll do my best to oblige! (remember, it's a series meant for anyone to access, though).

8. I have an awesome gallery! Check it out please?

Sure! :aww:

...Just not under this name. This account, here, is solely for "Sonic Babies", since it's such a big project, and I don't think the sub-folders would have sufficed.

I'll be commenting/faving/checking out work under my usual account: :iconchibinakkurusu:. So don't be surprised if you get comments and faves from 'her' and not 'me'. Okay? :XD:

...Okay... If you managed to read through all that... Have a cookie. :cookie:.

If not, I'll give you a summary here:

1. "Sonic Babies" = comics/fanfics/whatever about the Sonic gang as if they were kids (not WHEN they were kids)
2. I did it 'cause I like cute stuffs, and had too many ideas NOT to.
3. It will mainly be based off of the videogames, so don't expect to see Sally/Manic/Snivelly/Bunnie/Breezie/Mammoth Mogal/etc. as actual characters.
4. Newer characters will appear, as long as I know enough about them.
5. Older characters will appear, as long as I know enough about them.
6. Sonic, Tails, Eggman (or Eggboy, whatever), Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, Shadow, Maria, and later, Silver and Blaze too, are the main characters.
7. Please give me suggestions and things you'd like to see! I'd love to hear!
8. :iconsonic-babies: = :iconchibinakkurusu:

First, I'm going to put up the main characters' designs (and perhaps profiles to go with them), so if I have anything wrong to their characters, I can make amendments NOW, BEFORE I start writing up the series. I'd love to have your feedback for them. ^_^ And hopefully, once I'm sure everything is as 'perfect' as I can get it, I'll begin, and do my best!

Any questions or suggestions (heehee, it rhymed! :XD:)? Please go ahead! I'd love to hear from you. ^_^

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can you draw a baby of my character
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How ar you going to do Shadow and Knuckles ages what with Shadow being 50somutt in a 16 year old body and Knuckles being 4017 in a 17 year old body?

P.S. The Characters are now a year older since Sonic Chronicals for example Sonic is 16 and Tails is 9 and as Shadow dosn't age his body is 16 (Knuckles was in some sort of suspended animation simmalar to Shadow Exept Shadow wouldnn't age anyway). P.P.S. If you have any questions about Shade come to my Watchamcallit (site?) (it's a little bare I'm a new member and there for haven't gotten around to useing it yet) and post them in my comments also check out [link] the Sonic wiki page on Shade(other pages of intrest to you for info on Shade would be IX the Echidna, the Nocturnus, the twilight cage, and the Sonic chronicls: the dark brotherhood page).
Bowbowis Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2009
Scratch The P.S.!
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The user may never answer. My guess is that their PHYSICAL ages will be divided by 12.
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Sounds like a cute cocept. I always liked "Muppet Babies," as a kid. Good luck with your fan series. :)
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